Suzanne Ciani, Composer and Electronic Music Pioneer

I am honored to be part of Katia Isakoff’s latest initiative to catalyse the role and visibility of women in the recording studio.   Noticing a lack of female presence in the professional arena of producing, she is not just lamenting this fact, but taking action to prime the pump that will release a flow of future talent.  Brava!

Pascale Giovetto Global Repetoire Manager of Beggars Group 

It is vital that the invaluable contribution that women bring to music is recognised and celebrated after years of being pushed aside and IN_KoLAB has started a momentum that I am proud and honoured to be associated with.

Pascale was also a sound engineer and record producer for many years, working with top artists and running her own label, Ecto Music. She previously spent four years at PRS For Music followed by five as Digital Account Manager at Universal. Memberships include the DDEX Consortium (since 2008) and DDEX Working Groups.

Vanessa Reed, President and CEO of New Music USA

I’m proud to endorse Women Produce Music’s IN_KoLAB series which provides opportunity and space to collaborate and experiment outside of the usual routine.  This is crucial to artist development and growing professional networks.

Paul Pacifico, CEO of AIM

We were delighted to have Katia Isakoff speak at our Women In Music’ Conference in 2018 on the subject of ‘Women in the Studio’. There is clearly a significant gender imbalance with few women working on that side of the industry.  The promotion of role models alongside educational opportunities and support for young women who are thinking of entering the fields of engineering and production are key. AIM is an active supporter of female empowerment movements across the world of music and we are proud to be on board as ambassadors of Women Produce Music.

Richard Burgess, President and CEO of A2iM

I am truly excited about the potential for the new WPM IN_KoLAB series to increase the number of women entering the music production profession. The ‘making of’ docuseries showing pioneering trailblazers and emerging artist producers discussing and practising their craft will provide a much needed resource and source of inspiration for current and future generations.  I look forward to supporting Women Produce Music through my role as ambassador and to following the series.

Sandira Blas, ArtistHubs and Partnerships

I wish more ideas started with this innovative magical concoction; merging pioneers + established + emerging talents and breaking away from traditional environments to explore creative possibilities. This artist and producer focussed and led approach is a game changer and will drive music forward.

Emma Robertson, Founder, AIR

Emma has been a music journalist and editor for nearly a decade, starting out writing a Montreal-focused music blog called littlecity, before moving to Berlin in 2014. She is the Editor of The Talks, an online interview magazine featuring influential figures from pop culture. Her work has appeared in Crack Magazine, Resident Advisor, Red Bull Radio, RBMA Daily, The Ransom Note, DITA, Beatport, Pulse Radio, and SSENSE. She founded the electronic music based interview podcast series, AIR, in 2017.

Paula Maddox, Founder and Synthesist

Paula has been around the world of synthesisers for nearly 30 years. Her first company “Modulus” was founded in 2000 releasing the Monowave as its first commercial product; this was followed by a DSP based synthesiser the Monowave II.  Her next creations led her back to her roots in hardware where GorF was born; hot on the success of GorF she launched Tron and Zira. In 2013 she created the Modal 001, 002 and later 008 – the first truly analogue polysynth for several decades.