Women Produce Music (WPM) is an artist and producer led non-profit founded by composer and multi-instrumentalist music producer Katia Isakoff.  Founded in 2015 as an online international network, WPM has hosted and chaired panels, conducted research and keynote interviews with pioneering women from across Europe and the USA and, in 2019, launched its most ambitious and innovative initiative to date: IN_KoLAB a series bringing together pioneering, established and emerging artists and composer-producers to collaborate in various studios and pop-up locations.  Powered by WPM and its supporters, each series sees a new guest pioneer and group joining Katia Isakoff;  together, they embark on the journey of making an album through improvisation and exploration of the studio as an instrument.

The mission: to build a global network – one album and city at a time, opening doors to industry’s commercial possibilities and providing career progression opportunities through women-led networks, innovation art and technology.  join us!


Isakoff pulled off quite a coup attracting the pioneering Buchla maestro Suzanne Ciani to the project. The first collaboration, “Making Waves With Suzanne Ciani”, was presented in space-filling quadraphonic sound for the invited audience at British Grove Studios.

Electronic Music Magazine, 2020

The first IN_KoLAB series was hosted in July, 2019 by British Grove Studios. The group spent two days recording and filming what would become a four movement piece called IN_KoLAB Making Waves with Suzanne Ciani.  In December 2019, the group returned to British Grove Studios for an intimate and immersive playback launch in quadraphonic.  Plans are in motion to release the album and accompanying short.  Dates for the next series of collaborations and live dates are due to be announced for 2022/23.