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I am honored to be part of Katia Isakoff’s latest initiative to catalyse the role and visibility of women in the recording studio.   Noticing a lack of female presence in the professional arena of producing, she is not just lamenting this fact, but taking action to prime the pump that will release a flow of future talent.  Brava!


(Suzanne Ciani, 2019)



















I am very happy to be involved in the !N_KoLAB project, it will give me an amazing opportunity to work with experienced musicians. This support is extremely important for an emerging artist like me and such solidarity between women is very valuable. 


As the name for the project sugests, !N_KoLAB supports collaborations and encourages creative people to step outside of their comfort zone, to be vulnerable in many ways. When collaborating, a subconscious magical field appears, a third element one could say, which is much bigger and deeper than any one individual. I believe in this third ‘element’ and I am really looking forward to this experiment, very excited to see what I am going to bring to the process and what I will learn from it. 


(Anil Aykan, 2019)



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